Gotta catch em all

Facts about our team

Flexso meets Apyx featuring:

  • Amina, Bart & Jef as great SAP CX experts
  • Stef as our integration specialist
  • Aqsa & Rini as our low code heros!

Our Team Members

Rini - Snorlax - La Gasse

Amina - Alakazam - Vloeberghs

Aqsa - Charmander - Intizar

Bart - Zapdos - Verhoeven

Jef - Pikachu - Op de Beeck

Stef - Nidoking - Noyens

Our strengths

Combining full force low code, marketing & API powers with strong business support, we go all the way!

Why we participate

Ideas coming from the business itself are the best!

What attracted us most in the challenge(s)

customer focus of course ;-)

Our favorite quote

Gotta catch 'em all! What else? ;-)

Our Challenges

Companies who have send in challenges

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