Facts about our team

We soured the entire Flexso realm to assemble the perfect team. With their combined strengths no BTP mountain is too high or design valley too low. Oh, and we've brought the village fool so we can have a laugh.

Our Team Members

Nicolas - the president - Goris

Gunter - the guru - Jacobs

Anouk - the creative - Dieryck

Dries - the wizard - Van Vaerenbergh

Bert - the village fool - Van Bree

Jens - the pathfinder - Van Parys

Maarten - the magician - Peeters

Our strengths

>>> tumbleweed emoji <<<

Why we participate

We heard there would be free goodies.

Oh and we're passionate about creating perfectly designed SAP solutions.

What attracted us most in the challenge(s)

We need to combine the optimal technical solution with the perfect-fit UI.

Also, the customer seemed really kind and nice. We're hoping for cookies.

Our favorite quote

To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target.

Our Challenges

Companies who have send in challenges

Our posts

It hasn’t been as many years, and the set hasn’t changed in the meanwhile, but it still felt like quite a reunion. We got back together at the office to have a real (masked) face-to-face meeting!! Meeting actual people (and one ‘smurf’) felt like a dream,...

Well that’s a bit special. Normally a hackathon gets your adrenaline levels up by being in a packed room with a bunch of geeks that are getting increasingly excited by the hefty challenge ahead. Now it was a couple of people scattered over Flanders staring at a pc screen…