Optimise Prime

Facts about our team

Hi, we are Optime Prime and we are a young and dynamic team consisting out of 3 delawarians. Alexander Deschepper is the functional guy from our team. He thinks about the business problem and the possible solutions. Hugo Evrard and Maxim Deweirdt are our machine learning wizards. They crunch the data and provide smart solutions.

Our Team Members

Maxim Deweirdt

Alexander Deschepper

Hugo Evrard

Our strengths

Each person from our team comes from a different delaware department. The collaboration of the different team knowledges makes us flexible and dedicated to optimise the hell out of our problem!

Why we participate

Perfect moment to explore all the inovative and usefull embedded machine learning tools in SAP. Our goal is to show how easily inovative bussines cases can be implemented to increase overall efficiency in SAP.

What attracted us most in the challenge(s)

The high amount of master data puts a lot of pressure to the master data maintainers to keep track of all the variables as good as possible. With our project we want to relieve the pressure of the BOM master data maintainers. The complexity of this problem attracts us the most.

Our favorite quote

If it is not fun, you are not doing it right

Our Challenges

Companies who have send in challenges

Our posts

The best way to start a project is with a good view, some hot drinks and just your computer. Really getting into the good hackathon vibes. For the upcomming weeks the intelligent scenario apps will be the most clicked apps inside our launchpad. Getting to know...