The Powerpuff Boys

Facts about our team

We are three developers working in pretty different domains:

  • Xavier (Consultant) is a full-stack ABAP/SAPUI5 developer, mainly working with the latest RESTful ABAP Programming model from SAP.
  • Thibault (Consultant) is the Product Owner of SAP Conversational AI innovation at delaware and also a SAPUI5 developer.
  • Lawrence (Senior Consultant) is the Product Owner of Mobile innovation at delaware and also a SAPUI5 guru.
As you can see, the only thing we have in common is SAPUI5, but for this challenge we won't work with this framework.

Our Team Members

Devaleriola Thibault

Vercruysse Xavier

Goeseels Lawrence

Our strengths

Our diversity in our knowledges allows us to think outside the box. Xavier's technical skills guarantees that we can provide results quickly, Lawrence's experience and foresight allows us to stick to the critical path and Thibault's solution architecture skills guides us on having a thorough solution.

Why we participate

We want to challenge our skills as well as learn something new every day. This challenge seems like a good opportunity to do so.

What attracted us most in the challenge(s)

The openness of the challenge allows us to bring unconventional solutions to the table.

Our favorite quote

"It iz what it iz"

Our Challenges

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