The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

We have entered the final week before the presentation of our project next Tuesday, 15 June.
Our team did some great thing the past few weeks! We are really thrilled to show you guys the result of our project.

Our team is working hard to get all technologies connected.
The Java back end is up and running after a bumpy ride. Because none of us had experience with this back end, it had some hiccups. But as a team, we managed to get it working.

The SAPUI5 apps are almost ready for daily use and look very promising!
Here is a small preview..

Our Conversational AI chatbot is configured on the launchpad of our Planning Tool, so people can add new Expenses from chatting with the bot.
The iRPA bot is in the final testing phase and it looks really cool! This will help our HR-colleagues to reduce the work effort they have to make these days.

Hope to see you at the the presentation next Tuesday if you want to get a glimpse of our full project.

Kind regards,
The Amista team

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