Facts about our team

Innovators, Experts and Rebels, we are Amista!

Our Team Members

Frederic Claus

Bart Verhoeven

Jan De Roeck

Michiel Neefs

Renaat Haleydt

Our strengths

All our people have a broad knowledge of SAP solutions. Knowledge sharing and learning are very important within Amista. Additionally, all our consultants are experienced in the way projects should be run and managed. These soft skills are critical to the success of a project.

Why we participate

Great experience to learn more about the SAP landscape and to show the world what we are worth as a team.

What attracted us most in the challenge(s)

This case is very special to us as a company. We have implemented our own Planning Tool where we can track all our consultants and invoice the correct data to our customers. We are missing some tools where we can easily manage and create expenses made by our employees. It is very challenging to implement this in our environment with our the new technologies like iRPA, CAL, SAPUI5, ...

Our favorite quote

Always part of the solution

Our Challenges

Companies who have send in challenges

Our posts

We have entered the final week before the presentation of our project next Tuesday, 15 June. Our team did some great thing the past few weeks! We are really thrilled to show you guys the result of our project. Our team is working hard to get all...

Working on the SAPience Hackaton in 2021 style means video calling with a smile. Our team is thrilled to join this special hackathon challenge. Mostly because we can work together as one team with awesome colleagues. Also because we get five weeks to deliver the most promising project...